We are glad to welcome you on the website of RP Building Group. Our company has been serving clients with professional painting services in London and surrounding towns for many years. Our strengths are finishing projects on time as well as attention to details throughout the projects. All our clients are delivered with a high service quality – as the best confirmation of this fact there are many our past clients who recommend us with a full confidence to friends. RP Building Group is a company that has no barriers, not only we always deliver all needed services but also we offer the additional package of services towards our clients. We highly recommend you to get familiar with our professional services offer.


Painting Services

Indoors & Outdoors

We offer a professional rooms painting, with no limits related to the room dimensions or the job complexity level. During doing your project, we always keep a very good attention to the details. We do not tolerate any possibilities of taking place the weak sides of the service such as paint stains or any defects that may happen in the process of painting, it does not exist in our professional approach to every project we undertake. RP Building Group always takes care of every – even the smallest detail, therefore all the painting and renovation projects that are given to us – they are always completed on a highest standard and quality.


Wallpapers laying service

Laying the wallpaper on the walls is still very popular. Thanks to the wallpapers we may improve the design of our home, giving it at the same time additional unique look. The wallpaper is also very practical to keep our home clean as most of them are washable. If you allow RP Building Group to lay the wallpapers in your house, you may stay assured of the high quality service that we provide. We will follow the professional procedures such as walls preparations prior to wallpaper laying on the walls, the work will be proceeded in the best way, without any inconveniences and everything will be done on time.

Carpentry Renovation Services

We give second life

All the wooden elements in our house have the soul and every house owner knows about this unique fact. At the same time the wooden products may get broken and the time makes wooden products getting the defects. RP Building Group offers a wide range of wooden products renovation services, giving another life look to all these wooden products at home that may require it. We always use the highest quality products when renovating the wooden products and thanks to that the effects of our works will be giving great results for a long time after we finish. Please avoid throwing away the old wooden furniture or decorations, they may add the unique design to your home and we are happy to renovate all of them for you.